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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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joyce: the wind has blown in, taking leaves and trash with it. it was hard to ignore the strong gusts tonight. some areas even lost power. mark, the wind is bringing the cold air with it. mark: and even a couple of snowflakes mixing in. a few reports on social media tonight. let's be clear, there is no accumulation expected in southeastern wisconsin. our ground temperatures are still incredibly warm.
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a couple of snow showers in parts of walworth county, elkhorn, the love and, along i-43. don't be shocked if you see of few snowflakes here and there. we were at 68 at 11:00, and you can see what happened. temperatures continue to go down and down and down, that trend will continue. 25 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. parade, say hello. we will be all bundled up. temperatures will be chilly, mid-30's, windchills in the 20's. temperatures around 40 on saturday, 40 sunday, 45 degrees on monday as a graduate gets a little bit warmer next week. joyce: thank you, mark. if you like snow, you will love this. this is from minnesota in iron range. some areas had more than a foot, others had about 3-6 inches.
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take. well and our free app , are your best sources for weather information while on-the-go this weekend. you can check the hour-by-hour temps, and also watch for any future rain on the interactive radar. weather is always a concern when you travel, but this thanksgiving a strike could , really put the brakes on things. joyce: patrick, workers at o'hare are threatening to walk off the job. patrick: hundreds of baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, and wheelchair attendants voted to strike in the coming days. some of the workers are employed by private contractors. the workers say they want a $15-an-hour wage. some are paid minimum wage, which is $8.25 in illinois. the timing of the strike is not a coincidence. they say striking during the busy holiday season will grab people's attention. the chicago department of aviation said if a strike happens, it does not expect any disruption in service during the holiday rush. according to aaa, 3.5 million people are expected to fly next
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representing convicted killer brendan dassey says he's disappointed by the legal setback. an appeals court ruled dassey must remain in prison while he appeals his conviction in the murder of teresa halbach. both dassey and his uncle, steven avery, are fighting their convictions. colleen henry investigates the process. >> high caseloads -- >> the lawyers converged this morning at the state public defender's conference, where hundreds turned out to hear steven avery's former lawyer discuss "making a murderer." think, that could have and should have been won. >> dean strang and jerry buting defended avery back in 2007 and got a court order to save forensic evidence for future testing. >> it would have been hard for me as a lawyer to predict 10 years ago that we could come to the accuracy that scientists now can in dating dna, but i knew that something would change over time. >> avery's new lawyer expected
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evidence last but it was delayed monday, when a different judge ordered brendan dassey freed from prison during his appeal. >> it's been a roller coaster of a week, no question about it. >> dassey's lawyer says his client and family were devastated when a court of appeals blocked his release. they'd worked with probation officials to get brendan home by thanksgiving. >> the home visit, the interview with the family, the interview with probation. >> bob dvorak says his legal team will now focus on freeing dassey for good by winning his appeal. >> we have confidence in our position in the court of appeals . >> dassey's appeal could take many months as could steven avery's new forensic testing. not to be lost in this week's drama the family of teresa , halbach, who did not respond to a request for comment.
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trial on charges he planted a spy camera in the bathroom of a kenosha bar. investigators say chris bohatkiewicz hid a camera in a pen, and then put that pen in the women's bathroom at sullivan's place, where he regularly d-j'd on friday we also learned today police executed a search warrant at his home and discovered child porn on his computer. police say the porn appears to have been downloaded from online. it is not from any hidden cameras. kathy: tomorrow. patrick: if you have questions, there is a housing resource fair tomorrow in milwaukee. this is an annual event. it's being held at north division high school from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. a number of organizations are expected to be there. workshops are also planned. tomorrow is graduation day at the milwaukee school of engineering. more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students will be part
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fields ranging from engineering to nursing. the commencement ceremony is at the kern center, starting at 10:00 a.m. and the holiday season has arrived at the domes. the holiday floral show opens tomorrow. it will run through january 1. you're looking at video of last year's show. not a creature was stirring is the theme of this year's show. it includes a variety of poinsettias. decorated trees are part of a winter forest in the show dome. the holiday show is included with regular admission for the domes. kathy: the milwaukee holiday parade will march through downtown tomorrow. joyce: mark baden and toya washington will be there. and if you're coming too, matt salemme has a look at the route from news chopper 12. >> they have been doing the holiday parade since so a little 1927, bit of cold and a little bit of wind isn't going to stop anything tomorrow morning. it kicks off astor and kilborn. 9:30 a.m., cuts down kilbourn to old world third street.
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3rd street to wisconsin avenue. parking will be at a premium, so get there early. pack a little patience along the way, and don't forget to bundle up. matt salemme, wisn 12 news. kathy: and bring some canned goods with you to the parade. milwaukee's hunger task force will be pushing shopping carts along the way, collecting food along the parade route. the food collected will go to local food pantries, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters this year when you donate you , will get a 25% off coupon to boston store. wisn 12 is teaming up with the hunger task force to raise money this holiday season. tune in on tuesday and wednesday for our annual food for families phone bank. last year, you at home helped us raise more than $100,000. joyce: it happens to most of us, and it when it does it can be really annoying and distracting. kathy: we're talking about when a song gets stuck in your head. coming up, the songs more likely to stay with you and the best
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joyce: breaking news, a silver alert issued for this couple. they both have cognitive impairment. they were last seen about 3:00 this afternoon. they may be driving a black 2000 deal century. if you see them, you are asked to please call elm grove police.
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all right. kathy: these are the happy faces of some brand new u.s. citizens sworn in earlier this afternoon. joyce: 12 news' mike anderson was at the ceremony held during the holiday folk fair at state fair park. >> that i will support and defend the constitution and laws of the night it states of america. >> for pastor joseph taylor kamara and his wife julianna, this moment has been 16 years in the making. they came to america from sierra leone with hope of becoming a u.s. citizen. >> very proud of it. we love this country. >> alberto ramirez is from acupulco mexico. he's 44, and has been in the states since he was 10. what took you so long? >> finding time to do it, i guess. my kids, my grandkids, my wife, so i just decided to do it and
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being able to vote was important to them. >> sense of pride, i am very proud of becoming a citizen. >> his wife and daughter are american-born. he explains what this means to him this way. >> you have just been adopted and the adoption paper is what is missing, you know? today, that is what is represented for me. >> to those who never had it, until today. joyce: most of them told us that the most important part of being a u.s. citizen is the ability to vote. welcome. how would you like to own a piece of disneyland? kathy: patrick is following a unique auction. patrick: the auction is called souvenirs of disneyland. california's van eaton galleries is holding the auction tomorrow. it'll feature more than 1,000 rare and never-before-seen items from the theme park over the last six decades.
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souvenirs, and other collectibles. the auction also features items that come from the estate of the late disney icon annette funicello. proceeds from those items will benefit her namesake research fund for neurological diseases. well this next story takes , selfies to a new level. snap a pic while tipping back a bottle of soda. the selfie bottle was created by an ad agency for coca-cola israel. it's a camera that mounts on the bottom of a coke bottle. it takes a picture when the bottle is tilt angle. the pictures can be shared on social media. the selfie bottle will be used at an outdoor festival in israel. and it's estimated that 90% of , us experience an earworm at least once a week. that's when you get a song stuck in your head. mary moloney reports on why certain tunes play on repeat in our minds. >> apologies upfront, you are about to get a bunch of pop songs stuck in your head. >> ? i can't get you out of my
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>> music psychologists in the u.k. created a survey to come up with this list of catchiest songs, and then analyzed the results to see what they all had in common. they found every earworm had three essential ingredients. one, they tend to have a faster pace something you can really , dance to. earworms are also simple in structure, but with a rhythmic pattern. sounds may rise in pitch, go back down low, and then rise again. ? pattern to help children remember them. finally the songs all break up , that pattern with a few unique intervals to make it stand out. ? >> researchers hope understanding how earworms affect our brains will add insight into how we process memories and moods. patrick: and if you are looking , to get rid of an earworm, researchers have a few suggestions. listen to the song in its entirety to get it out of your system.
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yourself with a different song though this could just leave you , with another tune to get rid of. or simply let it run its course and try not to think about it. joyce: wouldn't you hate to be one of the researchers on that project? thank you, patrick.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: it's not easy going up against a team that's won 55 straight games, but the franklin sabers gave it their all tonight against kimberly in the division one state championship game in madison. let's head to camp randall, the
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on. tanner dykstra td, 7-0. later in the first half, max all alba finds ethan wittenburg, 14-0. sabers defense forced three turnovers in the first half alone. aaron simmons with the fumble recovery. kimberly comes back to score 29 unanswered in the second half. danny vanden boom, who's committed to the badgers, to boyd dietzen, 14-7. vandenoo then in the fourth quarter, dj stewart with the dagger run, a 43 yard touchdown. kimberly scored 29 unanswered points. the paper makers win 56 straight games. franklin loses, 29-14. >> i don't know how to describe it.
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i am sure kimberly has the same thing going on. i am a firm believer and great leaders, and we had great leaders here. i am unbelievably proud of what these kids accomplish. joyce: earlier today in the division three state title game, catholic memorial looking for revenge after losing to notre dame last year in championship. on the third play from scrimmage for the crusaders, jaylen campbell doing his best corey clement impression, busts out a 70-yard touchdown run. he finishes with 167 yards on the day. later in the first, game tied now. another huge play for the crusaders. quarterback ben nimz hits max cooper in stride, a 62-yard hook up for the touchdown. catholic memorial's defense also forced three turnovers today. this one a pick six by eric fridl. the crusaders, the fighting dan needles, win their second division three state title. the final 24-14. 12 sports stephen watson reports from camp randall.
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year makes for those catholic memorial team, a two-point loss in the state finals last year, a 10 point win to cap often undefeated season, a gatorade shower, a cold ball, -- gold ball, a perfect into a perfect season. >> the commitment was outstanding. >> best thing in the world by far. we finally achieved it. it's the grst accomplishment for us, and the seniors especially. >> this has been great. i just love my coaching staff, the brothers i made, i'm just a static. stephen: this is the second title in school history, and one they will never forget. stephanie: thanks, stephen. as we showed you in our first half hour, brookfield east won their division two state title, defeating monona grove 42-36.
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santiago-lloyd set a new state record with five touchdowns. it's also the spartans first ever state championship in football. >> for us to come to state, it was big. but for us, this is huge. >> i'm in shock. we are at camp randall p we just won a state championship. i am on top of the world right now. stephanie: tomorrow morning wisconisn kicks off against , purdue at 11:00 am right here the badgers are favored by 28 points against the boilermakers. wisconsin hasn't lost to purdue since 2003. college hoops, marquette facing pittsburgh in the 2k classic at madison square garden. michael young drains the three-pointer. he had 30 points. marquette loses their second
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, 78-75. here now are dan and drew. dan: coming up tomorrow on big 12 sports saturday, the badgers try to move closer to the college playoff, but how do they get in? drew: can they beat the redskins on sunday night football? the problems and how they might fix them. dan: that is coming up tomorrow join us at 6:30 p.m. stephanie: congrats to all again, and for franklin giving it a good try. joyce: i can't believe how young brookfield east's coach looks. thank you. kathy: they are on top of the world. a final look at your forecast
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and in you, have mercy -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host short. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another


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